6th International IEEE Consumer Electronics Society
Games, Entertainment, Media 
22 - 24 October 2014




Welcome to the Games, Entertainment, & Media Conference

IEEE Games, Entertainment, & Media (GEM) 2014

Broadening the scope of the

IEEE International Games Innovation Conferences (IGIC)

October 22-24, 2014, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

University of Toronto Chestnut Conference Centre






The IEEE Consumer Electronics Society is pleased to announce the First IEEE Games, Entertainment and Media (GEM) Conference. The venue will provide an opportunity for the demonstration and study of the ways in which games and game technologies are transforming the educational and cultural landscape. The exhibition area will allow researchers, developers and industry professionals to demonstrate how they are using these technologies in research, as teaching tools and as means of modifying behavior in any number of fields. 

The IEEE GEM 2014 conference is also a platform for disseminating innovative research and development work on game, entertainment, and media technologies, applying lessons learned, and developing new ideas through audience interaction. Participation from all sectors including academia, industry, and government is welcome. The IEEE GEM 2014 conference brings together researchers, developers, industry, and government partners for formal and informal engagement and examination of emergent features of computer game development for entertainment, for learning/teaching, for serious purposes, and to impact society. IEEE GEM 2014 also provides an important forum for future game, entertainment, and media development talent to gain perspective on the knowledge, skills and attitude required to succeed in the game development world.


The conference will take place at the University of Toronto Chestnut Conference Centre in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.